Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The pirates of the Caribbean

Scene#1 Int—Day

A Spanish settlement along the Caribbean coast

Captain Jack sparrow walks through the rain and enters a tavern and walks towards the bartender. Men within the tavern wear a weird look at his English looks

Bar tender: no ofrecemos las bebidas para el inglés (we don't offer drinks for the English)

Jack: (In Spanish): soy español (I am Spanish)

Bartender: sus miradas y pantalones toscos lo dicen todo (Your boorish looks and trousers say it all)

(Jack looks at him calmly, takes out a piece of gold from his pocket and tosses it on to his table)

Bartender: Cómo puedo ayúdele sir (How may I help you sir)

Jack: (Leaning over the counter and assertively to the bartender) Primero usted va a ayudarme con una taza de ron fuerte y entonces usted me dirá la manera a la cabaña de los herreros (First you are going to help me with a cup of strong rum and then you will tell me the way to the blacksmith’s cottage)

Bar tender: sí sir (yes sir) -offers the drink-

(Jack takes the mug and walks towards the table at the corner. On the corner table, two men are sitting drinking rum; one of the men has got a wooden peg leg and the other an eye patch)

Jack: (To the men, looking at the peg leg): rey Del granizo (Hail King)

Correcting it immediately and in a low voice: reina del granizo (Hail Queen)

(Men realizing that the “queen” was apparent reference to Queen Elizabeth, hence their English identity)

Peg leg: ningún no somos ingleses (No we are not English)

Jack: Es compañero aceptable (it’s okay mate)

Jack: (tapping at the peg leg, in English) ill luck

Peg leg: ... was a part of the Gold rush

Jack (breaks in to laughter and slowly): Rum, peg leg, eye patche, I guess you have had a brush with the Royal navy or a heavily armed merchant ship on the Spanish Maine

Peg leg: (Resigning to the fact that jack is aware of their true identity): Yes

Jack: …and you could not match their guns.

Eye patch: (with a steady gaze studies jack’s face): Are you a privateer?

Jack: (With an air of self-professed grandeur) I am Captain Jack sparrow, commandeering Black Pearl, the most fearsome ship in the Caribbean.

Eye patch: And you are ashore?

Jack: My little boy Black Pearl ran into a lagoon and damaged his keel. I need a blacksmith and of course fresh provisions and crew, that’s why I came to you, perhaps we could sail together.

Peg leg: What about the plunder?

Jack: Equal among the crew and the captain

Eye patch: That sounds damn good like the Spanish rum

Peg leg: What about the code

Jack: Bartholomew’s… (Looking intensely at the men) Do we have an accord?

(Men come forward and shake hands with Jack and walks away)
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